SAP Mata Kuliah

1. Ekonomi makro Lanjutan (3 SKS)

Semester 1

Program Studi S3 Ilmu Ekonomi

Dosen : 1. Prof. Dr. H. Zamruddin Hasid, SE., SU

             2. Dr. Michael, MS

             3. Dr. Fitriadi, SE., M.Si

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1 Introduction : Fundamental of Macroeconomics

- The Policy and Practice of Macroeconomies

- Measuring Macroeconomic data.

2 Macroeconomic Basic and macroeconomies of Open economies

- Aggregat Production and Productivity

- Saving and Investment in Closed open Economies

- Money and Inflation open-economiy macroeconomics : basic Concept a macroeconomic theory of open Economic.

3 Long Run Economic Growth The source of growth drivers of growth : Technology, Policy and institution.
4 Bussiness Cycles The IS Curve monetary Policy and aggregate demand aggregate supply macroeconomic policy and aggregate  S n D analysis.
5 The Labor Market A tour of the labor market movent in unemployment wage determination price determination.
6 Finance and the macroeconomic The Financial system and economic growth determining the interest rate two  alternative ways of looking at the equilibrium the financial crisis ad the economic griwth.
7 Macroeconomic theiry in managerial decision making

-Fiscal policy and the goverment budget

Exchange rate and the international economic policy.

8 UTS midterm exam
9 Inflation and unemployment The related wage change to unemployment : the philips curve the relation of economic Growth to Employment : the okun law the labor market, employment and unemployment.
10 Modern Business Cycle Analysis The role of Expectation in macro economic policy the modern od business cycle.
11 Macroeconomic Policy

- Fiscal policy

- Monetary Policy

- International Trade Policy

12 Fiscal Policy and the Goverment budget Goverment spending revenue Budget Deficit and Surpluses Goverment Budget constraint
13 The Role of Expectation in Macroeconomic Policy

- Rational Expactation and policy making

- Adaptive expactation

- Rational expactation

14 Policy and practice

- The case of Discreation

- Contraint Discreation

15 UAS Final exams

2. Ekonomi Mikro Lanjutan (3 SKS)

Semester 1

Program Studi S3 Ilmu Ekonomi

Dosen : 1. Prof. Dr. Effendie, SE (Dosen Eksternal)

             2. Dr. H. Priyagus, SE., M.Si

             3. Dr. Jiuhardi, SE., MM

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1 Introduction General Feature of Economic models Mathematic for microeconomics
2 Choice and demand

- Preference and utility 

- Utility maximation and choice

3 Choice and Demand

- Income and Substitution effect

- Demand relationships among Goods

4 uncertainty and Strategy Uncentainty - Mathematical statistics game theory, basic concept
5 Production and Supply

- Product Function, Marginal Productivity

- The elasticity and substitution

6 Production and Supply

- Cost function, cost minimizing input choice

- Profiy maximum

7 Compeitive Market

- Partial equilibrium competitive model

- General equilibrium and welfare

8 UTS midterm exam
9 Market Power Monopoly, barrier to entry, price discrimination
10 Market Power Imperfect competition short run and long run
11 Pricing and input Market Labor Market, allocation of time, labor market equilibrium
12 Pricing and input market Capital and rate of return
13 market failure Asymetric information, Externalities & public Goods, Allocation Inefficiency
14 Market Terstruktur Membahas Jurnal-Jurnal
15 UAS Final exams

3. Ekonometrika dan Analisis Kuantitatif (3 SKS)

Semester 1

Program Studi S3 Ilmu Ekonomi

Dosen : 1. Prof. Dr. H. Zamruddin Hasid, SE., SU

             2. Prof. Dr. Hj. Sri Mintarti, M.Si

             3. Prof. Dr. Muh. Saleh Mire, MS

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1 Introduction

- Theory and Quantitative analysis

- Quantitative VS Quantitative Analysis 

- The philosohy of statistics

- Data and measurement

- Variabel and causality

2 Describing Data

- Population, Sample, Mean, Median, Modes, Variance and Sandar Deviation, Grafical Repsensetation.

- Distribution Frequency

- Distribution function

- Coefficient of variation

- Application by using SPSS

3 Describing Data

- Rendom Variabel

- Expectation

- Moment generation function

- Distribution Function

- Central limit theorem (CLT)

- Bias and unbias estimator (BLUE)

4 regression

- The Classical assumptions

- The theory of regression

- Multiple Regression

- Multiple regression with Dummy variabel

- Application by using SPSS

5 Regression with Panel Data

- Panel data


- Square Root

6 Regression with QQualitative Dependent Variabel


- Logistic regression

- Application by using SPSS and AMOS

7 Structur Equation Modeling

- Simultaneous equation

- Rank of matrice

- The theory of path analysis

- Path and dummy variable

- Factory Analysis

- The Theory of SEM

- Application by Using SPSS, AMOS and GSCA

8 UTS midterm exam
9 Goal Programming Nonpreemtive Goal Progremming Preemtive Goal Progremming Aplication
10 Decision Model

- An overview of decision model

- Payoff table analysis

- Decision making criteria

- Decision Tree

- Bayesian Analysis

- Game theory

11 Networking Model

- Activities of a project

- The PERT/CPM Aproach

- The Critical path

- Gantt Charts

12 Inventory Model An overview of inventory categories of cost in inventory models
13 Dinamic Progremming An overview of Dinamic Progremming
14 Queuing Model

- Enement of the queuing process

- Performacce Measure of queuing system

- Formulas and classificarion of queues

15 Simulation

- Overview of simulation

- Mote Carlo Simulation

- Simulation Modeling od Inventory System

- Simulation of a Queuing Systems

16 UAS Final exams